Règles du "Top de Colmar 2024» 


"Top of Colmar" will take place on 23 / 03 / 2024 "Parc des Expositions de Colmar" (Hall Congress Colmar)

Guest composer: SURPRISE

No Posing music 


TOP 2024 is a bodybuilding and fitness, lounge open to all athletes - No license is required.

The final show starts at 4:00.






- MEN's Physics for Men - 1.70 (not musical posing)                

- MEN's Physics - 1.75 (not posing musical) for men               

- MEN's Physics - 1.80 (not posing musical) for men               

- MEN's Physics + 1.80 (not posing musical) for men               

- MEN's Physics MASTER + 35 YEARS   for men                      

- Beginners - 75 kg (no musical posing)                                  
- Beginners + 75 kg (not posing musical)                                
- Junior Boys - 23 (ID is required) (posing musical )               
- Master 40-50 years old (ID required) (no musical posing)       
- Masters 50+ (ID required) (no musical posing)                    

- Masters 60+ (ID required) (not prejuding)                      
- Handi-Sport (no musical posing )(not prejuding)

Classic Physic 1  (no musical posing) -                                   

Classic Physic 2  (no musical posing) -                                  

Classic one man (no musical posing) -                                    

- Classic 2 men (no musical posing)                                       
- Women Fitness  (no musical posing) (not prejuding)             
- Women Body Fitness (no musical posing)  (not prejuding)     

- Women wellness (no musical posing)  (not prejuding)     

- Bikini -1.65 (not posing musical)                                         

- Bikini + 1,65 (not posing musical)                                       

- Bikini + 35 years                                                              
- Hommes - 70 kg (not posing musical)                                 
- Hommes - 80 kg (not posing musical)                                 
- Hommes - 90 kg (not posing musical)                                
- Hommes + 90 kg (not posing musical)                                


- overall  bodybuilding 2 000 euros minimum

- overall  BIKINI 500 euros minimum

- overall  MEN'S PHYSIC 500 euros minimum


Athletes can register by phone: 0033 388 820 780.
You can register the day of the show.


While the top does not exceed too late at night, and all the spectators can enjoy the guest-pose of guestposer, a pre-selection (open to public) will be held in the afternoon for all categories except Handi-Sports category; women body-fitness,women wellness, women fitness,

During the pre-selection, the first five competitors in each category will be selected without classification.
During the final show in the evening, all the competitorswill be back on stage for the poses mandatory and comparisons, but only those selected will be ranked 5.
The control of body weight and registration will take place from 8:00 to 10:00 (deadline for all categories)
The pre-selection will begin at 11:00 in the category order listed above.


Handi-sport; women body-fiteness ,wellness women fitness, men's + 60
For these categories, there will be no pre-judge but competitors must register at the same time as the other categories (8h00-10 h00).


The spectacle will begin 4:00. The place for athletes and spectators will be open from 11
There will be food and refreshments on site. Different varieties of sandwiches are offered.


For those wishing to spend the night, the list of hotels near the park:
(. Tel 0033 389 414 914) Novotel
Campanile (tel 0033 389 241 818.)
Formula 1 (tel 0033 891 705 226.)
. Bonsai Hotel (tel 0033 389 244 364).




The entrance fee is 20 euros pre-sale (reserved seat - regulation within 8 days) and 25 euros at the door on the day of issue.
- Only pre the first 1,000 tickets will be sold at the sale price of 20 Euros  (reserved seat - regulation within 8 days after booking)
- Beyond the 1000th place, the price is 25 euros (open seat - no number).



Classic Physic 1                                                          Classic Physic 2

.Taille jusqu’à 1m63 inclus  80 kg maxi                     Taille de 1.78 jusqu’à 1m 80 inclus  99 kg maxi    

.Taille de 1.63 jusqu’à 1m65 inclus  83 kg maxi         Taille de 1.80 jusqu’à 1m 83 inclus  103 kg maxi

 Taille de 1.65 jusqu’à 1m68 inclus  85 kg maxi         Taille de 1.83 jusqu’à 1m 85 inclus  106 kg maxi

 Taille de 1.68 jusqu’à 1m70 inclus  87 kg maxi         Taille de 1.85 jusqu’à 1m 88 inclus  110 kg max

 Taille de 1.70 jusqu’à 1m73 inclus  90 kg maxi         Taille de 1.88 jusqu’à 1m 91 inclus  113 kg maxi

 Taille de 1.73 jusqu’à 1m75 inclus  93 kg maxi         Taille de 1.91 jusqu’à 1m 93 inclus  116 kg maxi

  Taille de 1.75 jusqu’à 1m78 inclus  96 kg maxi        Taille de 1.93 jusqu’à 1m 96 inclus  119 kg maxi

                                                                            Taille de 1.96 jusqu’à 1m 98 inclus  123 kg maxi

                                                                            Taille de 1.98 jusqu’à 1m 201 inclus  126 kg maxi

                                                                            Taille de 2.01 ml  129 kg maxi



• category of Classic Men

Only the first five will be classified
to participate in this category, you must meet the following criteria

Classic 1 UEN
Up 1.70 m: height in cm -100 + 2 kg maximum (eg a height of 1.68 m: 168 -100 + 2 = 70 kg maximum)
Up to 1.75 m: height in cm -100 + 4 kg maximum

1 to 0.80 m: height in cm -100 + 6 kg maximum

Classic Men 2 

To 1.90 m: height in cm -100 + 8 kg maximum

To 1.98 m: height in cm -100 + 9 kg maximum
1.98 m Plus: height in cm -100 + 10 kg maximum



Only the top 5 in each category will be classified (not men classic, not Physic men, bikini, women bodybuilding master + 60).
All competitors will receive a trophy or medal + gifts to thank them for their participation.


The general category includes all the winners in each category, except men s physic

As a bonus, before the intermission, all competitors and spectators will attend the laying of the guest-star guest




All competitors are  allowed to compete in two individual categories, such as men aged 40 men + -70 kg - 80 kg -. 90 kg and 90 kg +
All rewards are paid as compensation for the costs of travel, accommodation and catering.



There will be several sports supplement and stand sportswear


Additional Information

On the eve of a bodybuilding show, we can hear a lot of rumors, sometimes disrupt the preparation of competitors and create doubt in the public future.
To remedy this problem, please note the following major lines 2024 TOP OF COLMAR


1. The TOP is a show of strength and fitness open to all athletes.
2. No license is required.
3. No registration fee is required for competitors.
4. All prices are paid for the reimbursement of costs.
5. Admission is free for competitors and 10 euros for a person accompanying them.
6. This program and all information contained on these sheets be respected.
However, in case of doubt, please inquire by phone at 0033 388 820 780.



Concerned about the health of participants and in solidarity with the fight against doping, we inform participants and spectators:
-. The use of so-called doping products is a health hazard and is prohibited by law
- To fight anypossible against the trafficking of banned substances, a search can be performed by persons sworn in.
- Nice line, natural beauty and symmetry prevail on earth to decide among participants.


We hope you will join us on 23 / 03 / 2024


Please accept our sincere greetings.
(do not forget to book your tickets in advance in order to attend or participate in the TOP 2024 ).


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